I was an academic theologian in good standing, well-trained (U. of Chicago), tenured,  I had just published my first book.  I had long-simmering ambitions to write a systematic theology to end all systematics–one that would dare to explain God but also leave behind all explanations.  I realized, with a festering ache, that my tenured teaching position, with its heavy load, would probably never afford me the opportunity to complete this work.

But then my wife, Jessica Barr, received a prime offer from U.Mass-Amherst, and I was ready for a change.  Another academic job in my field would be almost impossible to find.  But I was already chafing at the bit to pastor.  I had preached a series of sermons over the years that pointed the mainline church in a direction both old and new, and I longed to speak more for my own theological views than classroom teaching permitted.  I was blessed to quickly find a part-time pastorate with a UCC church in Granby, MA.  From the beginning, I saw this ministry, as communicated through this blog, as a way to work with others on revitalizing the mainline churches.  My first post explains the purpose of this blog.  And if I ever get on top of things, I’ll get to work on that book….

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