Last Lenten Discipline: Loving Loved Ones

I repent the typo that I didn’t catch on the printed card!

Lenten Disciplines: Loving Loved Ones

(April 2-8)

Loving those closest to us (parents, spouses, children, friends, lovers) can be the most challenging. We fall into unloving dynamics with them, often unaware of what we are doing.   And we focus on our loved one’s faults rather than confessing our own.

Set some time aside this week to pray and meditate in private. List your loved ones with whom you have the most troubled relationship. Then imagine how you would be in that relationship if you had the perfect love of God dwelling in you. Imagine seeking nothing but the good of your loved one. Close your prayer with something like: “Lord, make my love pure and true, the way Jesus loved.”

Next, you can either sit down with your loved one and talk together about how to make your relationship better. Or if that is not easy, you can work on yourself. Ask: what do I do in this relationship that creates tension or drives us apart? What could I do instead to make our love stronger?

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