Comment on your Encounters with Strangers!

Here is the Lenten Discipline for the week of March 19.  Please let me know how it goes by clicking on “comments” below.

Lenten Disciplines: Encountering Strangers

(March 19-25)

Jesus was not always a role model of kindness and gentleness, but he always treated everyone as a human being, and never stuck by convention. Try practicing that this week as you encounter strangers while driving and in commerce.


If you drive this week, first of all clear your mind of fear and worry by obeying all speed limits and safe driving practices: use turn signals, follow 2+ secs behind, etc. Take your responsibility for safety very seriously. Cars are deadly and take human lives every day! Second, try to regard other drivers not as obstacles but as human beings, even and especially when they drive badly. Consider what stress they may be under, or what is eating their soul when they act aggressively. Pray for them and show kindness and forbearance.


Next, when you encounter people in a business setting, resist the temptation to regard them as instruments or means. Look cashiers and the like in the eye, and let your own humanity stream forth to them in your words and regard. Talk about something, even briefly, that takes them out of their mere business role. Consider what injustices they may be working under.

Try a prayer like this: “Redeemer God, you redeem our humanity. Help me preserve the humanity of all those I meet against pressures to act inhumanely. Amen.”

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