Feedback on Reconciling (Lenten discipline)

Here’s this week’s “homework” for Lent.

Lenten Disciplines: Reconcile with Someone by Faith

(March 12-18)

Set aside a quiet 15 minutes. Pray something like this: “Gracious God, you reconciled with the whole world through Jesus Christ. I resolve to seek reconciliation. Help me.” Consider all the selfish and misguided things you have ever done and continue to do, and how these do not prevent our all-seeing God from naming you God’s child. Meditate on that, cultivating a grateful and generous heart.

Make a list of people with whom you need to reconcile. This can include major rifts or just relations that are polite but strained or “cool”—family members, friends, school or business associates, or church members. Take one person from your list. Do you think of this person in terms of his or her acts or “works?” Imagine letting go of your need to repay him or her for these works—the “law of wrath.” Try to see this person as God see him or her—as a fallen but dignified bearer of God’s image, having kinship with Jesus and the potential for godliness. Remember to see yourself in this same way. Resolve to take some concrete, constructive steps to rebuild your relationship based on this reconciling vision. Close with prayer: “Creator God, help me act in the world to bring the reconciliation that faith makes possible.”

Leave a comment (click on “comments” below) if you try this out and let me know how it went, whether good or bad.  This is a new thing for me, so I need feedback!


One thought on “Feedback on Reconciling (Lenten discipline)

  1. As a fallen but dignified bearer of God’s image, i have spent the last couple of years resolving to reconcile with someone. While I have not necessarily given up, I am approaching reconcilation in a different way. I have responded “works for works” – no more. The steps I take now will be forward toward a better relationship based on the work God has placed in front of us. And knowing when to “listen for that still small voice” and when to speak the truth in love.(still not sure what that really means)


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