Lenten Disciplines: Unplug for the Free Gift –How’s it going?

Here is the first of the Lenten practices that I am recommending to the congregation.  Each week in Lent, there will be a card in the bulletin with pretty small and manageable meditations and practices to try out during the week.  Someone might say, “We have much bigger problems in the world that we need to deal with!”  True.  But one of those problems is feeling helpless and that there is nothing we can do.  Starting on a small scale, we need to build up our confidence that faith in God can change our life in real ways.  And we also might need to get in the habit of applying lessons from church on more days of the week than just Sunday.  So try it–and report back by commenting below.  I’d love to hear what works and what doesn’t work for you.

Lenten Disciplines: Unplug for the Free Gift   (March 5-11)

We forget how affected we are by all our connections. Sometime during the week, set an hour aside to unplug. Find a quiet place to sit, meditate, and pray. Turn off all your devices. Consider also turning off external heat and energy use. (Sit by a wood stove, or sit in a sunny window.) Spend 20 minutes contemplating all the ways your typical day is compromised by the compacts and deals we make with employers, governing agencies, social conventions, and the companies on which we depend for power and information. Consider by contrast the natural world visible all around us, which gives life without making demands, without making “deals.”

Think of three ways you can treat the world as a place of care, outside of any deal.

Try a prayer like this: “Creator God, help me act in the world to bring the free gift of care and service.

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3 thoughts on “Lenten Disciplines: Unplug for the Free Gift –How’s it going?

  1. Today was a perfect day to turn down the heat and sit in a sunny window. I did some meditative breathing and closed my eyes. THe prayer on the card helped – mid day probably not the best time to unplug. However, I did have a Guidepost magazine to browse and I felt I had a successful experience. The breeze through the window, bird sounds and true stories of hope and inspiration was a gift.



  2. Today was the first day to really sit in the sun. Most days begin and end in the dark. As I looked out on this frigid morning I can see beauty. The trees standing sentinel waiting for the warmer air. It seems to me the way to treat the world as a place of care begins with our heart centered on God. If our hearts are open our minds are open and we can see then see the good in all. We can practice sharing the good in all of God’s creature and then create a ripple effect in our family, neighborhood that will spread out in to the world. We need to lift all up to God – whether we like them or not. Let God sort out things. Trust in our faith and His guidance. Take time to hear Him speaking. I have for some time set my alarm for 15 minutes earlier than needed for prayer and meditation. Handing off my worries and concerns and joys first thing. Then at the end of each day before the tv or computer go on I sit with a Bible passage. These two things hopefully keep me centered on the good in people. I believe there is more good than evil in this world. We need to tune out what the media tells us and listen to that still small voice.


  3. Dave Mazurowski

    I routinely unplug and meditate, particularly when I walk in the woods alone. I love the solitude and connection with nature. I return feeling refreshed and clear headed. The telephones , televisions etc.. seem especially intrusive and unnatural .


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