Results from May 8 sermon response about congregational initiatives

This is a replica of the original form.  Response results are tallied in italics.

Sermon Response for May 8

I received 15 responses total.

  1. Pastoral Care

Would you consider coming to the Deacon’s training and learning more what it is all about?

10 said “yes”!

Would you be willing to host a pastoral intern, or help fund her or his ministry?

4 said yes.


  1. Adult Christian Education and Formation


Would you commit to attending a dinner-and-discussion once a month?

13 said yes!


If so, what day(s) of the week are best? Early in the week was popular, esp. Tuesday and also Monday.


Would you like to be on a steering committee for a monthly dinner and discussion? We need people to help find cooks, equip our kitchen, invite speakers, and help set up and clean up (thanks Penny, Ginette).

Thanks for unspecified offers to help from Connie Brown, Sherry Sickler, Sandy Woordrow (quote: “Yes (what did I just say?)”)


What activities could we incorporate into our Fellowship Hour? Check all that you find appealing

☐ None. Keep Fellowship Hour as Unstructured as Possible

10 (An interesting result, since several also checked one option below. Some explicitly suggested that we use a separate room for discussions so that those who prefer can enjoy unstructured fellowship time)

☐ Sermon response discussion


☐ More announcements and information on activities


☐ More topical discussion series like our current Sacraments Discussion Group


☐ Other possible activities:




  1. Worship and Spiritual Formation

Circle: I am / am not excited about experimenting with the use of silence and meditative aids at the beginning of worship

7 said they are excited. Others said no or unsure.


Which of the following would you be willing to try to deepen your faith life?

☐ Spiritual retreats

        4 checked this one

☐ Sessions on prayer or meditation

9 checked this

☐ Mid-week evening services that are intimate and experimental

        10 checked this

☐ Other possible activities:

Bible study and faith discussions


  1. Recruiting and Attracting New Members. I am interested in helping by:

☐ Supporting a Bread Ministry for new residents

Thanks for the interest! : Dave D, Ginette, Sandy, Cindy, Mike F, Sherry S, Jessica, Dennis, Penny, Dave M

☐ Recruiting people from college communities nearby

Dave D, Penny

☐ Other ideas:

Hold advertised receptions 2-3 times/year.

Encourage our youth to invite their friends.

Home and hospital visits.

Promote our activities.

Mission work, e.g. justice and rehab in jails

Name tags for everyone


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